My Medical School Personal Statement

Raw and unedited, I reveal my personal statement for Medical School.

Getting into medical school is a long and arduous process.  I wrote an earlier post on my experience here.  Part of this experience includes completing a long application which includes a personal statement.  I’m sure most are acquainted with a personal statement as many colleges require them.  When writing one for medical school, it seemed different however. All of my dreams seemed to be hinging on this succinct statement of intention to become a doctor.  Here it is, unedited.  Enjoy!

My Personal Statement

It slipped away too easily to be love. It was a typical day and my mom stopped at Chevron to fill up on gas. I, being the big toddler that I was, accompanied her into the mini mart. I was left to roam the endless aisles of candy while she paid the bill. Then I spotted her; there she was beckoning me. The snickers bar was all I wanted on this afternoon and more. I went and asked my mom if I could have it. “I don’t have money to spend on things like that,” was her reply. Distraught, I walked back to the aisle to bid my newfound love goodbye. Then an idea popped into my head: I could still pursue this love affair, only undercover. When I got in the car I thought we could get acquainted, so I took it out and started to unwrap it. Before I could, my mom turned around, seeing me in the rearview mirror, and demanded to know where my new love interest had been abducted from. She knew the answer and turned the car around. I slowly walked back into the mini mart to my impending doom, following my mother’s orders. I gave the candy bar back to the attendant and told him I was sorry. Early in my life my mom taught me the value of honesty. Being honest doesn’t only apply to what I say, but to what I do and how I live.

My parents educated me while I was young about the importance of being a man of integrity and living up to a standard in life. I have always set my standards high and have dedicated my life to loving others and working hard. At times it’s hard to be motivated, but I find my strength in my faith as a Christian and my dedication to family. Both serve as my basis for loving others. My parents support has allowed me to realize my dreams thus far and will continue to do so in the future. They taught me to live a life worthy of my potential. The moral qualities taught to me by my parents have prepared me to be an honest, trustworthy doctor.

Similar to my moral education, my desire to become a doctor came at a relatively young age. I was a tall uncoordinated young man, having my fair share of accidents, and found myself visiting the doctor repeatedly. Seeing my family doctor work with empathy for his patients and later having an uncle who went through medical school served to spark and build my interest in the field of medicine. I later did my senior project in high school on shadowing an emergency room physician. My qualities as a sincere, compassionate man have affirmed my desire to become a doctor.

Here at Point Loma Nazarene University I joined a local group of aspiring students with career interests in medicine and went on several trips where we were able to help out with children. Perhaps the most memorable and rewarding experience from this group called Healer’s Hands was when we went to a children’s convalescent hospital to spend time with debilitated kids. While I was unable to do anything to physically help these children, developing relationships with them and seeing the smiles and joy that it brought them was gratifying and served to show me that love for others is probably the best medicine there is. Compassion for patients and looking out for their wellbeing is a quality that every doctor should have and exhibit behind their practice. My experiences with friends as well as strangers have bolstered my compassion for others.

While in college I was selected to do research with one of my professors, Dr. Shellhamer. This was an esteemed honor because only two people a year are asked to do this with him. He saw my hard work and determination and wanted me to be on his research team. While researching, I have experienced elation through my success and have had to learn to overcome the adversity of failure. Determination to figure out the correct solvent system or concentrations of reactants was the impetus that drove me to continue. I learned that persisting through struggles and having the strength of mind to overcome reap rewards over time.

I now turn to pursue a different love affair in my life – a love affair that accompanies my journey in becoming a doctor. This one is full of compassion for other people. I believe that my life experiences have educated me and made me better both emotionally and morally guiding me to this point. The determination I have learned has prepared me to succeed in any endeavor, and the values of honesty and love will allow me to do well in the future. My commitment to my faith and to delivering the well being of others through compassion will give me the strength to realize my childhood aspirations of becoming a doctor.

So, would you have extended an admission to medical school based on that statement? Reading it definitely brought back memories and even some of the stress associated with the medical school application process. Check back next week for my residency personal statement.

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