About Me

Hi there!  Hope you’re enjoying the blog!  Here’s just a little about the person behind the writing.

First, I am a family physician and work at a small family practice with my uncle.   We have similar views on life and medical practice so the work relationship works well.  I enjoy my job thoroughly. The best part of course is the long term relationships with my patients and this is the main reason I chose family medicine.  I also get to do cool things like cut out cancers and stick needles in joints!

I definitely consider myself a family man and enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and 3 children.  This occupies most of my free time.  Keeping up with two young boys and a little girl takes up most of my time.  We enjoy hiking, biking, playing board games and generally having fun.  This sometimes includes singing conversations with my children (which is really fun if you haven’t tried it) and wrestling but this inevitably ends with somebody (me) getting hurt (tagged in the tenders).

My “free” time is spent running.  I enjoy being out there with just me and the road or trail.  This is where I do most of my brainstorming and am able to listen to podcasts and music.  I primary run for exercise but have completed the true runner’s obligatory marathon (Sub 4 hours, woohoo!).

I tend to be a more quiet individual so expressing myself through writing is much more appropriate than through video or audio.  I’ll leave that to my uncle and his youtube channel which you can check out here.

So the obvious question: Why Dr. Green Knight?  First, as stated above I am a Family physician by training. So that explains the doctor part.  Second, my name is Gawayne.  Green Knight comes from the 14th-century Middle English chivalric romance, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  While I spell my name differently, I have always referred to this knight of the round table as my original namesake.  And it just sounds cool, right?

And then the follow up question: Why a blog? And the apparent answer: Why not?  I’ve always enjoyed literature and writing and thought I could find a place to put my ideas that can impact the world positively.  I want this to be entertaining, but I also hope that we can journey together through life and the struggles doctor’s have and how I work through them.  I will also throw in some educational posts as well as some that are just entertaining.  If you’re ready for the ride, read my first post here or get a complete list of posts here. Enjoy!

So there it is.  A little about me.  Please subscribe and post your comments to help us build a community where we can all be entertained and grow together. Enjoy!